Learning Journeys

Today, nearly one in eight people goes to bed hungry every night. And by 2050, the population will rise to over 9 billion. In our quest to provide a growing and more affluent world with access to safe, affordable, nutritious food, we’ve created Learning Journeys: opportunities to explore critical questions about global food security.

How do we achieve food security?
Answering one of the planet's most critical questions
It's an issue that can be solved, but it presents tough questions. How do we move food where it's needed? How do we increase crop yields in a sustainable way? And how do we give farmers the tools they need? Our Learning Journeys serve as forums to discuss these challenges and work toward solutions that will create a more food-secure world.
China – September 2015
What does food security mean for China? Working with our partners, global and local industry experts, we will look at domestic food production capacity and opportunities to better utilize the international market to feed a growing population.
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Africa – June 2015
Increasing Africa’s agricultural production is essential for achieving food security. Despite its vast potential, Africa has the lowest agricultural productivity in the world and must import much of its food. We will convene emerging leaders from diverse stakeholder groups to look at these issues, specifically in Zambia and South Africa.
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Pursuing sustainable soy in Brazil
More than 80 people gathered in Brazil in 2013 as part of a Cargill-hosted “learning journey” to identify solutions for improving soy supply chain sustainability. Participants from the food industry, governments, nonprofit groups and academia toured soy farms, discussed progress and planned for future action.