Sparkling Blackberry Caipirinha
Sparkling Blackberry Caipirinha

Sparkling Blackberry Caipirinha

“Cargill developed Truvia® natural sweetener in response to consumer demand for a natural, zero-calorie way to sweeten foods and beverages. Truvía® stevia leaf extract comes from the leaves of the stevia plant, which was discovered hundreds of years ago in Paraguay and has been used worldwide for decades.”

Amy Sewright, Finance
Country: US
Region: North America
Category: Beverage
Cargill Ingredients: Truvia


Handful of blackberries
Juice of 2 – 3 limes
2 teaspoons Truvia
2 ounces Cachaça
2 ounces sparkling wine

  1. Muddle blackberries, lime juice and Truvia.
  2. Add cachaça and stir until ingredients are well blended and Truvia has dissolved.
  3. Add ice and top with sparkling champagne.
  4. Garnish with sugared rim and slice of lime.
  5. Note: Vodka, rum, or a silver tequila could be substituted for the cachaça.

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