Camucas Yuca
Camucas Yuca

Camucas Yuca

“Camucas yuca is a recipe from my grandmother. She was born and raised on a farm, and not familiar with the city. This recipe is typical of a farming community. When we were kids and would go to the farm, we would look for yucca. We drew from the land--we cleaned the yucca and would carry it to our grandmother. All the grandchildren would help Grandma make camucas! She scolded us because we always caused a disaster in the kitchen. I am proud of my grandmother for this family recipe, which is unique to the Avila family. My nine-month old daughter, Marcela, will hopefully follow in the footsteps of my mother and my wife and learn to make camucas.”

Leonard Avila, Cargill Feed & Nutrition
Country: Venezuela
Region: Latin America
Category: Appetizer
Cargill Ingredients: Jaulina 2000 CAN Feed, Salt, Cargill Vatel Oil


2 pounds of cassava (Yuca)
3 sprigs of chives, chopped
8 eggs fed Jaulina 2000 CAN feed (regular eggs will work too!)
½ cup Cargill Vatel oil
White farm cheese to taste
Salt to taste

Serves three to four.

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350F degrees.
  2. Cut and peel the cassava and bake in a baking pan until golden, turning cassava slowly because you can burn it if not careful.
  3. Once the cassava is roasted and tender, place it on a table and mash the cassava with a maso or other mashing tool until well crushed and soft.
  4. In a skillet, place the oil and cook chives until wilted.
  5. Then place the cassava in the pan and add the eggs and salt and stir with a spoon from the bottom up until the eggs are cooked.
  6. To finish the dish sprinkle with cheese to taste when served at the table.

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