A Rubio’s fish taco
When Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill switches from soybean oil to Cargill’s canola oil as a key ingredient, the flavor of the restaurant’s fish tacos changes for the better.

Supplying a key ingredient to the king of tacos

Cargill’s canola oil enhances the flavor and quality of one restaurant chain’s famous fish tacos.

Since 1983, Rubio’s® Fresh Mexican Grill has served more than 150 million fish tacos. The business began as a simple beach stand in San Diego, California, and, taco by taco, grew to more than 200 fast-serve restaurants along the West Coast of the United States. Ralph Rubio, the franchise’s founder and CEO, likes to think that Cargill canola oil played a role in his success.

“When we made the switch from soybean oil to Cargill’s canola oil, the flavor changed for the better.”— Ralph Rubio, CEO, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill

Rubio did not always use Cargill’s products, but was convinced to make the switch in 2010 when he met Theresa Hunter, a regional chain account manager for Cargill’s foodservice business in North America. Hunter made the case for working with Cargill, citing the company’s superior product quality, safety protocols and supply chain expertise. She emphasized another important differentiator: in North America, Cargill was the only company that both grew canola seed and refined it into oil.

For Rubio, it was very important to develop a responsible supply chain, using the highest-quality ingredients available based on the restaurant’s needs and goals. In early 2013, Cargill gathered its top canola producers from Western Canada to meet Rubio’s executives in San Diego. The trip allowed farmers to witness the restaurant’s taco preparation first-hand and understand the role their products played in the process. “It feels good to know that [we are] growing a healthy product and that there is strong demand for it,” said John Burns, a canola farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Cargill Canadian canola producersRalph Rubio, founder and CEO of Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, invites Cargill’s top canola producers from Canada (above) to travel to California and try the fish tacos for themselves.

Today, Rubio’s uses a steady weekly supply of Cargill’s Clear Valley® high-oleic canola oil, a high-quality product from a safe and reliable supply chain. Beyond helping its long-time customer achieve greater success, Cargill is proud to connect its suppliers with the famous fish tacos they help to create