A Cargill tanker
When companies encounter unexpected shipping challenges, Cargill’s tanker teams are able to meet on-the-spot requests, manage freight costs and provide cost savings.

Companies ship on time with Cargill

When a global operation encounters shipping challenges, Cargill’s ocean tanker teams help it stay successful.

Many companies rely on the timely shipping of their goods for the success of their businesses. Unforeseen challenges like weather and production issues can often affect the ability to efficiently move products. It means unexpected or urgent schedule changes and can lead to commodities arriving damaged or expired. This can often cost businesses large amounts of money and, sometimes, their reputations. To help them avoid these issues and make their deliveries on time, Cargill’s tanker teams offer reliable support.

When companies encounter urgent or unexpected changes to their shipping schedules—ones that their own fleets or providers cannot accommodate—Cargill steps in. With its vast transport and risk management experience, a large fleet of ships and a well-established cargo program that enables ship swapping, the company helps customers with all aspects of shipping. By meeting on-the-spot shipping requests, managing freight costs and providing cost savings, Cargill troubleshoots logistical problems and provides much-needed solutions for last-minute changes and unexpected needs.

In 2012, a well-established global company was experiencing problems with its shipping. Their existing provider was unprepared to meet the company’s changing shipping schedule and lacked the vessels to move the products at the needed speed and scale. This led to late deliveries that negatively affected the customer’s operations, placing it at risk of a potential closing. Fortunately, Cargill’s tanker teams were equipped to help this company, offering a suitable shipping vessel to replace the customer’s frequently late one.

After several on-time shipments, Cargill had positioned itself as a capable, trusted partner, worthy of a long-term relationship with the global business. Cargill continued to offer important insights that improved the company’s operations and added value across their supply chains. And when it came time for the company to sign their next shipping contract in 2014, it signed with Cargill. Truly satisfied with Cargill’s reliable logistics support and ability to meet its unique shipping needs, the business renewed its contract once again in 2015—evidence that Cargill is their trusted partner of choice.