A MacMullen Transportes truck
A new fleet of trucks helps MacMullen Transportes, an Argentinian transportation supplier, deliver flour to Cargill customers efficiently and on time.

A small supplier makes a big difference

Partnering with Cargill, an Argentinian transport business expands to meet the needs of flour customers across the country.

When Patricio MacMullen was looking to grow his business in 2010, he had a few key factors in mind. As the president of MacMullen Transportes, a provider of bulk transport services based in Baradero, Argentina, MacMullen needed a partner with logistical expertise to deliver food-grade wheat flour. He also wanted to build a relationship with strong mutual trust and a focus on collaboration. The right match would enable him to broaden the reach of his relatively small business while maintaining the quality of his products and services.

That is where Cargill came in. At the time, Cargill’s food business in Argentina delivered over 3,800 tons of wheat flour per month to its network of customers. MacMullen Transportes was already making some of these deliveries. In 2011, Cargill invested in the distributor’s expansion, intending to use MacMullen Transportes for all of its industrial flour bulk loads, eliminating the need for other hired transport services.

The new relationship generated positive results for both partners: MacMullen Transportes’ fleet grew from three trucks to eight in five years, with each moving nearly 30 tons of bulk wheat flour each month. The expanded fleet met Cargill’s established Environmental Health and Safety Standards for reducing injuries and preventing pollution. With more vehicles, MacMullen Transportes was equipped to deliver 100% of bulk flour loads for Cargill's industrial customers.

MacMullen Transportes and Cargill continue to work together across Argentina. Annual surveys indicate the approach is working, showing high ratings from customers for on-time deliveries and quality of service. Both MacMullen Transportes and Cargill proudly call each other the partner of choice—a result of collaboration, trust and the promise of future success.