Liag employees with soybeans
When Liag, an Argentinian agri-business, wants to expand its offering to include crops like soybeans, Cargill lends its expertise, helping to launch a series of new, sustainable products.

Supporting the growth of sustainable agriculture

Offering its agricultural expertise, Cargill helps an eco-conscious business in Argentina expand its portfolio and reach its full potential.

For more than 30 years, Argentinian business Liag centered itself around livestock production. In 1995, that started to change. The company, which had been built by employing sustainable agriculture practices, sought to expand its product offerings in crops. Recognizing that Cargill and Liag had similar values and principles, the two companies formed a partnership to help the Argentinian business expand. Liag gained access to Cargill’s expertise and global footprint, while Cargill gained an important customer in South America.

“Business relationships are established among firms, but they are carried out by people.”— Guillermo Belottini, Sales Lead, Liag

Supported by Cargill’s commercial, technical and logistical expertise, Liag launched a high-protein wheat business. Cargill also advised and helped Liag in devising strategies for maintaining the value of its products. The partnership granted Liag access to Cargill’s wide variety of resources—and Cargill received a greater supply of high-value wheat. “Business relationships are established among firms, but they are carried out by people,” recalled Guillermo Belottini, who is responsible for Liag’s sales and expenditures. “We found in the two companies fruitful contact points in pursuit of the common good.”

Today, Cargill continues to help Liag with sustainable production and processing of agricultural products, with a focus on maintaining the highest quality and a strong commitment to respecting natural growth cycles. The two companies share a desire to protect the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare. As their partnership grows, Cargill and Liag are helping their local ecosystems prosper.