• For 150 years,

    we’ve been helping people be successful. To show how, we’ve gathered stories of our work in action—bridging our proud past to an even brighter future.

  • What makes us unique

    Through stories and new programs, we’re showcasing the work that sets us apart:
    • Enabling market excellence:
      we establish new markets and help existing ones work better
    • Developing innovations:
      we create new ways of doing things to benefit our stakeholders
    • Nourishing people:
      we make safe, affordable and nutritious food accessible to those who need it
  • It all started with a seed

    To look forward, we went back to the beginning, charting our milestones from 1865 to present. These inform who we are today—and where we’re headed next.

  • Take a Learning Journey

    Food security, sustainability, responsible supply chains—to create solutions for the world’s greatest issues, we’re digging deeper and thinking bigger.

  • Cause for celebration

    Around the world, employees are lending their voices to our anniversary, sharing stories, recipes, art and more—all inspired by Cargill’s partnerships.


Explore what makes Cargill unique:

We create new markets and help existing ones work better, delivering innovations that nourish people across the globe.

The stories


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